Thursday, May 19, 2016

Honey for sale

I expect we will have honey for sale by the end of July....maybe August 2016

Monday, March 19, 2012

HONEY FOR SALE / No Honey til end of August

All natural, from our own bees, in our own yard, from our own beehives! $12 a pint  $20 a quart . Please phone 1-630-818-5885   . I also sell fresh baked whole wheat bread, to go along with your honey. Home made Granola  with organic oats , almonds, flax seeds, and Craig's raw Honey...$ 12.00 for 32 oz.  Tomatilla Sauce made with organic tomatillas, organic onions, organic hot peppers $4.00 a pint jar. Organic Apple Sauce $4.00 a pint jar. I do still have Potatoes for sale and am thinking of selling Lemon Bundt Cakes.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bee swarm and Liquid Gold 2011

our bees swarmed and formed this group in the tree. then later they went back in the hive. We had cut down a tree that was shade to the hive, so we figured the bees were suddenly too hot, so after that we put up a barrier for shade

Busy as a Bee !!

The helpers made up their own game!

Harvesting the Gold...liquid Gold!

Using a hot uncaping knife

Getting off the wax

Using a comb to get off bits of wax

Now Craig and Hope are turning the honey extractor, in which are 3 frames of honey

Here comes the Gold! Thankyou to all the bees who gave their lives so we can have this honey, and most of all Thankyou Jesus for creating the bees and allowing us to learn about bees.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bees arrive

This is how our bees came in the post Office. The staff there, were quite amazed!


Yummy Cookies...those Yummy Cookies!!! Not!! These are cookies for the happy bees! they are made of sugar, and shortening and are the bees to nibble at to get rid of mites on them. And No, I didn't eat one! I don't have mites, thankyou!


This a honey distractor. We will find out in the fall, how to use it. I know that the honey will come out the bottom, out of that spout. There's Hope, painting the hives a light green so as to match its surroundings. I think what she is painting , is called a "deep".