Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bees arrive

This is how our bees came in the post Office. The staff there, were quite amazed!


Yummy Cookies...those Yummy Cookies!!! Not!! These are cookies for the happy bees! they are made of sugar, and shortening and are the bees to nibble at to get rid of mites on them. And No, I didn't eat one! I don't have mites, thankyou!


This a honey distractor. We will find out in the fall, how to use it. I know that the honey will come out the bottom, out of that spout. There's Hope, painting the hives a light green so as to match its surroundings. I think what she is painting , is called a "deep".

More pics

Our new Endeavor

Remember Winnie the Pooh singing "Buzzy Bee in a tree, won't you give me a smackeral or two!" ! Well, we now have some of those buzzy bees. They are actually quite mild bees. A neighbour wondered if they were killer bees! Oh, well! I have been picking my rhubarb which is close to the hives and the bees don't bother me at all. they are definitely BUSY in the one hive and we should have a good amout of honey in fall. The other queen seems to have a few problems, which Craig will need to find out about. he has the book..."Bee keeping for Dummies" and a few other books. My part so far, is to pray for them, so their name "Happy Bees" will continue to apply. i find it an honor that they would want to stay at my Lennox Farm, and do their thing! Make honey!