Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bee swarm and Liquid Gold 2011

our bees swarmed and formed this group in the tree. then later they went back in the hive. We had cut down a tree that was shade to the hive, so we figured the bees were suddenly too hot, so after that we put up a barrier for shade

Busy as a Bee !!

The helpers made up their own game!

Harvesting the Gold...liquid Gold!

Using a hot uncaping knife

Getting off the wax

Using a comb to get off bits of wax

Now Craig and Hope are turning the honey extractor, in which are 3 frames of honey

Here comes the Gold! Thankyou to all the bees who gave their lives so we can have this honey, and most of all Thankyou Jesus for creating the bees and allowing us to learn about bees.